Zöe Odei Young Lawyers' Award

Established in 2003, this award is in memory of the late Zöe Odei of Halifax, an active CBA member who exemplified the distinguished and exceptional service contemplated by this Award. The award honours and recognizes a young lawyer’s distinguished or exceptional service to the Association, the community or charitable causes. 


The Award is open to any CBA member in good standing of the Nova Scotia Branch who is a young lawyer as defined by the Bylaws of the Association. A young lawyer is defined as someone who is not more than 10 years at the Bar or not older than 40 years of age. Table Officers of the Nova Scotia Branch are not eligible for this Award. A deceased CBA member may be nominated for the Award in the year in which he or she dies. Otherwise there are no posthumous Awards.


The qualifications to receive this Award may include but are not restricted to: 

  • Accomplishment in the work of CBA - Nova Scotia in one or all of the following areas:
    • improvement in the law
    • improvement in the administration of justice
    • individual lawyer training
    • advocacy in the public interest
  • Active participation in a charitable or non-profit organization
  • Implementation of special events or programs including assisting community or charitable organizations through periods of difficulty, change or restructuring
  • Contributions as a volunteer through education or promotion of volunteerism by way of ideas, practices or publications
  • Continued performance and effort over a period of years in a variety of volunteer activities which has resulted in the enhancement and improvement of the organization, activity or community


A nomination form (see below) must be completed and submitted by an individual. Nominations must be accompanied by:

  • A letter of support stating the reasons for the candidate’s nomination
  • A concise Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee
  • The nominee (or family, where appropriate) must be advised that his or her name has been put forward for this Award

Nomination Form


November 16


The Award is administered by the Nominating Committee, a standing Committee of the Nova Scotia Branch. The Committee may determine that no Award shall be granted in any one year.


The Award is presented annually at the CBA – Nova Scotia Mid-Winter Conference or some other venue determined by the Executive Committee. Candidates are responsible for their travel expenses to the presentation.


For more information please contact:

Canadian Bar Association - Nova Scotia
CIBC Building
1809 Barrington St., Suite M102
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 3K8
Tel: (902) 422-1905
Fax: (902) 423-0475
E-mail: cbainfo@cbans.ca


  • Jack Townsend (2017)
  • Jennifer L. Taylor (2016)
  • Jennifer Kooren (2015)
  • Daniel Wallace (2014)
  • Sharon Avery (2012)
  • Amy Sakalauskas (2011)
  • Level Chan (2010)
  • Carrie Ricker (2009)
  • Joshua Judah (2008) 
  • M. Ann Levangie (2007) 
  • Michael J. Messenger (2006) 
  • James G. Rossiter (2005) 
  • Jeanne E. Desveaux (2004) 
  • Sean Foreman (2003)